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Your medical plan includes Castlight – a company-paid personalized health care shopping tool that helps you find high-quality medical care and see how much you will pay for it before you go.

REGISTER NOW: To register with Castlight, click here and follow the instructions.

Once registered, download the mobile app to your smart phone at If you have questions about registering or using Castlight, call a Care Coordinator at 1-855-512-9991.

Note: Employees enrolled in the Premier 80 HRA plan will earn a $100 credit for their Health Reimbursement Account - $50 for a spouse - by registering and completing a search. Allow 4 weeks for the credit to be posted.

Using Castlight online, on the mobile application or over the phone with a Care Coordinator, you can:

  • Compare in-network doctors, medical services, prescriptions and pharmacies in your area based on the price you’ll pay and quality of care.
  • See personalized cost estimates before you go to the doctor or pharmacy that take into account your medical plan and whether you’ve already met your deductible.
  • Review your past medical spending so you know how much you paid and why.
  • Receive recommendations about ways to save money and find high-quality care.